As the neighborhood became predominately a racial minority area, the church didn’t become a minority only church, but instead it became an interracial or multicultural church. It now serves the Lord in the community as a multicultural congregation. All are welcomed.

How did it all begin? Well, in 1955, the Broadway Church of Christ decided to begin a new work in east Lubbock. This decision was based upon people moving into the newly developed area.

Ken Bozeman and Alex McDonald donated two lots on Parkway Drive. The Broadway church built an auditorium there and furnished the support of its first preacher, Carole Anderson.

The first service was held on the second Sunday of October 1955, with approximately 67 members. Approximately six months after the first meeting, elders were installed, which consisted of Ken Bozeman, Rufus Bundy, Raleigh Egger and Alfred Holeman. The church became self-supporting within one year, and began mission work in Mexico during that period of time.

In 1957, Eddie Stolz became the preacher, remaining until 1958, and being replace by Wyndal Hudson.

Due to growth, a new auditorium was built in 1959 with a seating capacity of 450. The church began meeting in the new auditorium on the second Sunday of October 1959. The second Sunday of October became the congregation’s annual Home Coming Day

Other men who have faithfully served as elders in the past are: Charles Anderson, Johnny Evans, Claude Farley, Leroy Fisher, Dale Griffin, Obie Lee, Ted Monroe, George Pliler, Troy Randolph, Virgil Thompson, Magel Willis, Gaither Vanderveer, David Barnett, David Daniels, Robert Mansker, Sonny Lee, Bill Goble and Milton Lee.

The following have served as ministers of Parkway Drive: Dwain Evans, 1960-until leaving with the Exodus Bay Shore movement to New York; John McCoy, 1963; O.H. Tabor, 1964 – 1968; Bill Bryant, 1968 – 1974; Jerry McCaghren. 1975; Truitt Adair, 1976-1979; Charley Huffman, August 1979 – May 1981; Charles Gorman, 1981 – June 1982; Glen Goggins, July 1982 – March 1986; Terry Brown, July 1986 – October 1990; Gerald Jackson, 1986 – February 1989; Dave Gilchreist, March 1991 – December 1993; Cary Dowl, part-time, 1991; Tyrone DuBose, part-time, April 1992; Charlie Thomason, June 4, 1994 – December 12, 1999; Gerald Jackson, began serving the congregation as pulpit minister on June 3, 2000 until April 28, 2004. Ron Guzman began serving the Parkway Drive congregation on September 26, 2004 until March 31, 2014.  At that time, Monty Huffman, an elder, became the fulltime pulpit minister while a search was made for another man to add to the staff.  September 7, 2014, Jason Freed became our energetic pulpit minister. Since that time we have had three elders step aside, Richard Welch, Howard Woods, and Monty Huffman leaving us with 3 elders at this time; Tim Norman, Kelvin Wells, and Bobby Adams.