What’s New at Parkway Drive ?

Two new opportunities are available at Parkway Drive and in this article I am excited to tell you more about them.  First of all, the ladies of the congregation have a new opportunity to get together on Wednesday evenings for a Ladies Only Bible Study.  This class will begin meeting in the fellowship hall at 7:00pm for an encouraging time in study together.  Sandra Medley is the facilitator with her and others bringing the weekly lessons.

For the men of the congregation, we invite you to plan to be a part of a Men’s Only Study entitled, “Rise Up Parkway Brothers”.  This will be going on at the same time as the Ladies Class, only the men will meet in the Auditorium beginning October 19th.  We are praying for and calling upon for God to bring forth male Teachers, Song Leaders and new Leaders at Parkway Drive.  I ask for you to join with us in praying that God will do so.  However, as is the case in most prayerful petition, we’ve got to do our part. Jason Freed will be the facilitator of this class with Kelvin Wells and Tim Norman assisting with the teaching.  The following are the dates, Teachers and Subjects to be addressed.

October 19th  –  Jason Freed – Who Me ? – A look at men of the Bible who were called to serve.

October 26th – Kelvin Wells – Preparing to Teach – Guide us through simple step by step methods of teaching the Word of God using parables.

November 9th – Tim Norman – Teaching Resources – Guide us through how to select a topic, teaching study guide, and along with the Bible present an effective adult Bible Class Lesson.

November 16th – Jason Freed – Preach the Gospel – Guide us through how to prepare a 20 minute sermon using an outline.

November 30th – Kelvin Wells / Tim Norman – Leading Singing – Kelvin will present information on organizing a song service.  Tim will present the basics on reading music.

December 7th – Jason Freed – Put It Into Practice –  4 men will present 5 minute lessons and 10 men will each lead 2 verses of a song.

December 14th – Jason Freed – Why Serve ? –  An introduction to the duties of deacons and how deacons can benefit the church along with Biblical Qualifications of Deacons.

December 21st  – Jason Freed – Lead, Don’t Drive – An introduction to the duties of elders and how elders can benefit the church along with Biblical Qualifications of Elders.

As you can tell by the dates, there will be some interruptions for the first Wednesday devotionals as well as the upcoming holidays.  On January 4th, we will go back to classes as usual, hopefully drawing one or more men from this study to begin teaching on Wednesdays in the auditorium.

I welcome your thoughts and comments..