Two thousand years have passed by and we’re still talking about her!  We don’t even know her name, for sure.  She may have even been a woman with a sinful reputation.  She did no miracle, nor did she offer any great teaching, just a simple act of love and service.  Yet, of this humble woman who anointed his head with perfume, Jesus, Matthew 26:13, said that wherever the gospel was preached throughout the world, what she had done would be remembered.

I was reminded of this unknown woman, last week, as my wife and I were in Kermit, Texas to hold a bilingual gospel meeting.  How sweet to embrace brethren who had been so dear to our hearts.  Children, little more than toddlers when we lived there, were now standing to take a lead in worship.  We truly enjoyed our time in their midst.

One special pleasure was talking with Stephanie Lara, at Sunday’s fellowship meal.  She asked, “Do you remember me?”  I didn‘t!  She continued, “You used to ride your bike past my house, on your way to the church building.  You would stop and encourage me and invite me to worship.”  It turns out, after Melody and I moved away, life got tough and she realized her neeed for God and a church home.  She remembered my invitations, began attending, was baptized, and now her children are growing up in the church.

Monday, Melody and I went out visiting.  It was suggested we visit a member, who now cleaned the building, whose name I didn’t recognize.  We reached their house and rang the doorbell.  A man opened the door. I got ready to explain who we were.  To my surprise, he cut me off saying, “Come in!”  We sat on the couch and he began to remind me how I used to come by his house and we would talk in the back yard.  I had a hard time remembering, but he didn’t!

Wednesday, I visited the jail with an elder.  Walking in the door we came face to face with a young inmate, who was a trustee.  He looked at me, smiled and called me by my first name.  I had no clue who he was, but he remembered help I had given his family nine years ago, when he was a kid.

The point is, Galatians 6:9 says, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.”  Keep doing those good deeds, no matter how small!  You will be remembered!