In Times Like These…

Floods. Hurricanes. Acts of Terror. Disasters of both natural and man-made sources.

Politics—everyday, all day—with charges, counter-charges and counter-counter charges. Challenging times to say the least.

So, in times like these…what do we do? What is to be our response? How do we act and react?

Let me suggest the following:

When considering the floods and other disasters, let’s put faces to those affected. Instead of seeing the water in the houses, picture the occupants, now homeless. Instead of thinking about an act of terror, picture the victims and their families who will never be the same. Considering the people adversely affected makes the situation much more personal than if we focus only on the event. When we remember that those are people, souls—the events will take on a completely different meaning—and so will our response.

Realizing that we always have personal responsibilities to help where we can and to do what is right, the other response that I suggest is that we all voluntarily fast and pray.

What’s that?

Yes, you read it right. Fast and pray. That is a scriptural concept, you know, even though the biblical sense of “fast” has not been applied too often in American culture. (Or, at least we don’t know that it has, which would be a good thing according to Matt. 6:17-18). Fasting is the giving up of something good for that which is better. It can be food, it can be any number of good things from which we will willfully abstain in order to focus on prayer. What would be the result if as a congregation we specifically focus on combining fasting and prayer over the next few weeks. Somehow I think our world can be drastically changed!

Focus on people (souls) and increase our prayer and fasting–that’s what I believe should be done

In Times Like These!

I cant wait to see you