What a huge contrast! I have driven students, before, who spend the whole time being obnoxious and unruly. Even with a teacher on the bus to supposedly keep order, they never cease to threaten each other, cuss and say all kinds of ugly things about one another’s mamas. Never have I been so glad to say goodbye to a group of young people.

Orchestra field trips, however, are the total opposite. Their training to work together to create harmony at the music competitions seems to spill over into their everyday life. They understand what it means to be assigned a seat and stay there. They know when to make noise and when it is best to be silent. They understand the part they are to play and try to do it to the best of their ability. They know the rest of the group depends on them and refuse to let each other down. I would drive kids like that anywhere!

God intended for his church to be a well-tuned orchestra. One translation of Psalm 133:1 says, “How good and how pleasant it is when brothers dwell together in harmony.” To achieve that harmony, I have to know to be quiet at proper times and make certain whatever sounds I do produce are beautiful. In God’s great orchestra hall there is a proper place to sit. I must find it and stay there. To make sweet music, I need to discover my part and learn to play it well.

Sadly, many Christians attend worship for years, but never find their role. They just sit! In school, the director would kick them out of the orchestra. At Parkway, we challenge you to be more than a mere sitter. Pick up an instrument and play it. You may not be very good at first, but you’ll learn. To help accomplish this, one thing the elders plan to do in the near future is pass around involvement sheets. Be thinking of what gifts you have and how they can be used in the congregation. Going on those field trips, the back half of the bus is packed with instruments. Everyone has one! Find yours and use it for God!

— Monty Huffman