As can be said each year, a lot is going on, this Summer!  I’m sure each family has plans to be gone at one point or other.  May the Lord grant you safety, along with much joy and happiness as you travel.  During the time you are home, we look forward to your involvement!

It is traditional, on Wednesday evenings, during vacation from school, to have an altered bible class program, to give everyone a break.  During our Summer Series, this year, we will spend “Time with the Big Fisherman”, a nickname for the Apostle Peter.  In the Auditorium,  each week, three different brothers will stand up to give a brief talk on some particular moment in the life of Peter and how it applies to our walk with Christ, today.  Tim and Jason will moderate those classes.  Out back, Kelvin will teach the Teens, also drawing lessons from Peter.  Monty will coordinate lessons and activities for the younger children, in the back, with help from some of our parents.  Part of the goal is to give our regular teachers in the children’s classes a little rest.  They deserve it!

VBS, this year, will be June 22-24, which is Wednesday evening through Friday evening, from 7:00 to 8:45.  Our theme is “Jerusalem, God’s Holy City”!  Wednesday, we will pay special attention to Jerusalem in the days of David and Solomon, focusing on the temple that was built there.  Thursday, will feature the days of Nehemiah, who inspired Israel to rebuild Jerusalem’s walls and gates.  Friday, our attention wll be drawn to the New Jerusalem, as described in the Book of Revelation and other passages.  We will begin each evening with an assembly in the Auditorium, then dismiss to class.  Adults will remain in the auditorium.  Children through the 5th grade will divide into three age groups and rotate among a Lesson Center, Craft Center and Activity Center.  The teens will be helpers, especially assisting with the crafts, but also, as needed, with the opening assembly and activities.  Refreshments will be available, as we end.

We look forward to a great Summer.  May the Lord bless Parkway Drive!

  • Monty Huffman